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ITDevCon 2012 The European Delphi Conference

Fabrizio Bitti speaking at ITDevCon

The opening Keynote

ItDevCon 2012 just ended last friday. We had two days of intense Delphi conference. This year we had again people from different European countries attending and, as usual, speaker from the global Delphi community. The most "miles traveller" for the conference has been Ray Konopka from Raize Soft, and the closest to the conference has been Marco Cantù, who just had to travel a couple of hours on the italian Autostrada. 

Many thanks go to all the sponsors of the conference who made possible to have this fourth edition. All sponsors also gave some prize for the attendants, which made the conference a very good investment in terms of value each one of them brought back home.

Choosing the session to follow, having 3 simultaneous speaker has been always difficult, so we decided, for the second year, to record the sessions and make it available to all the attendants, but the speaker have to fight hard to get attendants using all the Delphi weapons available (As Paweł Głowacki  said in his blog).

Last year we had some issue with the quality of the recording and not all sessions has been enough  good to be published, but this year we think we have taken some countermeasures to improve from last year. Some of the sessions will be freely available to the Delphi comunity, some of them will be only for the attendants or for contributing people.

We also have hosted the Delphi Geek (AKA Primož Gabrijelčič) who has become the most enthusiast speaker of the conference, a good friend of bit Time and as usual one of the preferred speaker from the attendees.

This year the conference has been a great success, and we in bit Time, as organizer, are very proud of the result we have achieved. We have started this adventure the first year  just because me and Daniele Teti have been attending many conferences and we were thinking "we can do it better".

Daniele Teti

Daniele Teti

The first year in 2009 it was a bet against all odds, we had to plan far ahead but we have never been sure of the possibility to succeed until the very last moment. All the people in bit Time is somewhat involved in the conference, from finance and accounting to marketing up to every single programmer. We had to take care from the invitation to the water on the table, from the plugs in the room to the menu for the lunch. All this to give the feeling from the attending people and the speaker that the conference was made from people who like to be in a well organized conference. 

We are learning, we want to make it better. We know that we can still improve, but after the fourth, we are looking at ITDevCon 2013 as the fifth edition of a conference which is willing to become the most important conference for a delphi developer.

Francesca e Floriana

Francesca e Floriana

Special thanks go to :

Embarcadero, The gold Sponsor

Floriana, The ITDevCon woman 2012 without her the conference wouldn't be possible

Daniele Teti, The technical heart brain and arms of the conference

Francesca, The graphical designer that is starting to know JSon syntax

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